Fibre Drum

Our product moulds can reach the inner size as below
Moulds Size:
300mm / 320mm / 350mm / 400mm / 450mm / 507mm / 560mm / 660mm
**Lowest height is from 345mm to 1050mm

  • A drum is a cylindrical container that is made by paper and is called as paper drum.
  • The main raw material is paper such as test liner and kraft liner.
  • Fibre drum is commonly used for solid and liquid material packaging such as wire, food and chemical.
Characteristics & Custom-Made Logo
  • Fibre drum comes with different diameter and height to withstand the weight of different products.
  • Each drum will have different characteristics to satisfy all customer's needs.
  • With inner core or without inner core for the drums are optional for customer who needs to pack wire neatly.
  • We can make this fibre drum easier to handle by installing hand ring at upper both side of the drum.
  • Custom made logo and sizes based on individual request.
  • Coating or Non-coating for the drums to prevent the possibility of humidity changes during shipping.
Fibre paper drum packaging or better known as ''fibre drum'' is globally popular as a packaging medium for a wide variety of products range from powder, granular, paste, solid to semi-liquid products and can be made to your specific needs and can be produced to UN Transport standards. Fibre drum is produced in standardized diameters, with fully customizable heights and weight constructions, to specifically match the demands and requirements of customers and end-users.

Why Use Fibre Drum?
Fibre drum is much lighter, cost less and environment-friendly. The fibre drum is made mostly from recyclable materials, it's recyclable and manufactured in several sizes based on business requirements.

Purpose of FIbre Drum
Fibre drums are an excellent storage tools for transport dry, solid products, semi-liquid and liquid products etc. For examples, products like powder, wires, cable, dry food and paints.

Fibre Drum is Better Than Steel Drum?
In specific applications without considering weight, fire resistance and exposure to weather, fibre drums are more durable than steel drums. Base on the materials of fibre drum, it provides better corrosion resistance than uncoated steel. Other advantages of fibre drum are that they can withstand rain and extreme moisture.

Fibre Drum is ECO
Fibre drum are ECO biodegradable products, it uses in reduce plastic and unnecessary waste to our planet and continuing to advance our sustainability commitment for the benefit of our future generations. 

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