Sunrise Wooden Pallet Sdn Bhd established in the year 2015 is a manufacturer of fibre drum – wooden pallet – carton box. At the establishment of this company, we mainly manufacturing fibre drum with a different style of selection. With the development of technology, our aim is not only to provide a high-quality standard to our customers but also to meet the needs of customers in packaging and transportation. This kind of expansion is for facing customers from all walks of life with different needs. We mainly produce fiber drums by using different kinds of paper as our mainly raw material.


Sunrise production system is based on the safety of personnel, equipment and facilities, according to the predetermined quality, price and quantity requirements. The most economical conversion of input resources into expected output on the scheduled date, rectification of the management system and operating system. And the use of systems that enable the effective use of people, materials and equipment. Our purpose of doing business is hope our manufacturing can able to meet customer product quality requirements.